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Happy Heidi’s Happy Tail

Say hello to Heidi!

This time last year, Heidi was only four months old and fighting for her life. Her leg was broken, but instead of being given urgent veterinary care, she had been cruelly abandoned. There was little hope she would survive. It was almost December and everyone at the National Animal Centre wanted a Christmas miracle. She was so young there was the slightest hope that her growing bones might fuse and heal. Heidi spent eight months confined to strict, stable rest with her leg in a splint and medication to prevent infection.

Under the constant love and care of the whole team and against all the odds, her leg did heal, and she is now - thanks to our wonderful supporters - the ISPCA’s smallest (very spoilt!) and bossiest equine resident.


Heidi kicks off the New Year as our January feature in our 2024 Happy Tails Calendar. Available to buy here:

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