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Guinea pigs Georgina and Peppa went to a new home together

8 MARCH 2019

Guinea pigs Georgina and Peppa have gone to a lovely new home together where together they befriended their new family’s other little guinea named Tickle.

Tickle lost her companion, Pickle, several months ago. Because Guinea pigs are such social animals, owners Lyn and Steve decided to offer a home to Georgina and Peppa so all three  could have each other’s company.

“They spent two days looking at one another, and we did a scent exchange. Then they bit the bullet and now they love each other,” said Lyn.

The Guinea pigs live in a gorgeous, large hutch on a terrace where they are sheltered from the elements. Lyn added that being able to see the guinea pigs as she goes in and out of the garden helps them become more socialised, and they are beginning to become more ‘chatty.’ Sometimes on her way in from the garden, she even gives them something to nibble on.

Thank you Lyn and Steve for the lovely update! It is great to see this little family of three settled in so well.

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