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Greyhound puppies Gwen and Flash have found forever couches in their forever homes

Gwen and Hades (who was previously called Flash) are siblings from a litter of 8 greyhound pups born in our National Animal Centre in Longford. Both were rehomed recently, and we found a resemblance in the photos their new families sent on. 

It looks like these two are living up to their breed nickname, the 40 mile-per-hour couch potato. Greyhounds don't require that much exercise, don't shed much, and the fast majority are quiet, sweet and great with children! 

Gwen's new family tells us she has been a great addition to the pack, quickly earning her place with their two other terriers. 

“Pecking order has been established with hardly a cross word between them,” new owner Roy told us. 


Meanwhile Hades is getting on well, enjoying the sunshine, and learning to walk on a lead! 


We're delighted to see Gwen and Hades doing so well! Thank you to Roy and Kathleen for the updates. 

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