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Frasier was adopted in November and has clearly settled right in at home!

"Frasier has been a wonderful addition to the family and is probably the best behaved pup we have ever had. He adores his food and will do anything to get more. This is a handy tool when it comes to training! 
He has begun to howl when he hears a squeaky toy. He is a very vocal Basset Hound.

Frasier has given Beckett the Basset a new lease of life and they spend a few hours each day playing. Joxer, who is ten, joins in on occasion but is as happy to take on a watching brief or take advantage of a few rubs! 
We are absolutely delighted with Frasier and while he has a way to go with his training, he has made super progress to date. 
I've included some photos of him. Growing up very fast! Sorry there are none of him out and about but he really does not sit still for the camera!"

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