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Eight greyhound puppies born in ISPCA care celebrated their first birthdays in new homes


Last year at the ISPCA National Animal Centre in Longford we had eight greyhound puppies born to their mother, Tutu.

These puppies have all since been adopted, and were lucky enough to celebrate their first birthdays recently in their new homes! We reached out to their new families to wish these pups Happy Birthday, and received some lovely updates back.



“We remembered to celebrate Sophie’s first birthday recently! She is doing great, and has a particular love for bean bags as you can see.”



“Finn is doing great!  I hope the other pups are happy in their homes. He's a lovely dog, but quite a food and toy thief when he gets a chance. He gets on great with the other dogs and loves the open spaces, nearly as much as he loves beds and furniture.”



“Hades is big and bold. Hes just finished his puppy training and loves his walks on the beach.”




“Our beautiful Gwen is 1 year old. She’s now standing 65cm at the shoulder! She’s such a joy to have about the place – such a sweet natured dog.”


You may remember Gwen and Flash from when they were both first rehomed, and each found their spots on their respective couches! 

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