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Dougal has changed his new family’s life

We were delighted to receive this lovely update from Dougal's new family.  “I just wanted to say how grateful we are that we were able to adopt our puppy Dougal from you. We adopted Dougal in April and I just wanted to share a bit on how he is getting on. He's been a dream for us, he's getting out for walks every day and only getting the best of food that the vet recommended and overall he's just made our lives better, I never knew that I'd be having conversations about the consistency of a dogs poo but here we are.

He's the first thing I want to see in the morning and when I get home from work and I just wanted to reiterate we are eternally grateful and you will definitely be hearing from us in the future.

Thanks so much ISPCA,

Dale and Aoife

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