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I adopted a little puppy called Diesel from your longford branch, although a think you should have called him Mischief cause he's always up to mischief. He's doing well, he's quite at night and loves attention, doing well at the potty training, still puddles in a morning but it is to be expected for a while yet. He loves the discovery channel and barks at any animal he sees on the telly.

But for the most part he is doing well, loves walks and is very good on a lead. good with other dogs and barks at lawn mowers. Sneaks up stairs when your not looking and eats daisies cause..well you know there going to attack him if he doesnt eat them first. And is, while I type this, trying to eat my door draft stopper. :D

I'll keep you posted on his journey to chew everything around him lol.


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