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Daisy is thriving after a hard start

Earlier this year, Inspector Elaine Reynolds responded to a call from a concerned member of the public about an injured kitten dragging its leg and located the little kitten hiding under an old building.

Inspector Reynolds managed to secure the kitten and take it for immediate veterinary assessment where it was found that her left hind leg was dislocated. The only option was to amputate the leg and emergency surgery was performed that evening.

Daisy (nee Burren) was rehomed earlier this year and we were so delighted to hear from her new family who sent in this lovely update!

"Daisy is doing well, we have another cat who she’s been introduced to slowly. She’s very fond of him and it’s sweet to see. She has settled in well, eating and drinking well and is liking her cuddles. But only on her terms!"

"She’s starting to get adventurous and exploring the house and loves playing with a small plastic ball that has a bell in it! We’re delighted to have her and she’s part of the family already"

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