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You may recognise Foxy as our 'cover girl' for the 2017 ISPCA Calendar! Since her modeling debut for the calendar, Foxy has found a fantastic loving home, and has been renamed Daisy! Your purchase of the 2017 ISPCA Charity Calendar will help us continue to rescue, rehabilitate and responsibly rehome beautiful pets just like Daisy in the coming year. 

Here is what Daisy's family told us about adopting their lovely little dog. 
"I had been thinking of getting a dog for a while and visited the ISPCA National Animal Centre in July this year looking for a small dog. The lovely woman helping us said that you are in luck as they had got in eight Pomeranian dogs during the week from a puppy farm. We went down to see them and they were barking very excitedly at the fence, they were all rust in colour except for one dog who was pale honey in color and she was standing shyly to one side not barking at all. I asked the staff member working there about her and she said her name was Foxy. She said she had a lovely temperament but shes was very shy. I put my name down to adopt her, and after she had finished her rehabilitation and I had my home check, I picked her up in August. I decided as this was going to be a new start for Foxy then I would rename her Daisy.(she didn't look like the Foxy type!)

I had some training to do with her as she was still a bit nervous and not comfortable with parts of home life. But Daisy soon began to blossom under the constant reassurance and attention she was given at home. She is now the centre of the family and is definitely queen of the castle. She loves her home comforts and her daily walks and she can walk comfortably on her lead now. Having a dog makes a huge difference to your life. While there is a bit of work involved the love and attention they give back to you is well worth it. Her favourite time of the day is evening time when I am sitting on the couch beside her when she flips her body around so that she is lying close to me and I can rub her under her chin. Having a rescue dog is the best experience, a bit of work but I would recommend one to every household!"

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