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Cheyenne and Feather

Responding to a complaint from a concerned member of the public in   May 2010 ISPCA inspectors discovered two appaloosa fillies in need of immediate help. Allowed to roam feral over 100 acres the fillies had never received any care such as worming or farrier treatment. As a result both had severely overgrown and deformed hooves. Cheyenne and feather as they were later named by the equine team were very lame and terrified of human contact. It took a team of experienced staff and volunteers two days to safely herd and catch these horses and transport hem to the NAC for much needed care.

Following many months of physical rehabilitation and sympathetic handling Cheyenne and Feather made good progress and were spotted by experienced horsewoman Merja Sumiloff. Merja instantly fell in love with Cheyenne and decided to adopt her. After some consideration Merja also decided that she would love to offer Feather a home too. As we suspect these girls are sisters and are very attached to each other we were delighted to see them go to a fabulous home together  with a person who can appreciate them and continue their training in a manner they were accustomed to. The ISPCA equine team would  like to thank Merja for providing these two wonderful horses with such a fantastic home and wish all three many years of happiness together.

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