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Bunny Thumper found a perfect match is his new home

Looks like Thumper (previously Casey) the bunny has met a lovely ‘girlfriend’ in his new home. He’s tail over ears for the lovely Blossom, pictured below.

Thumper’s family sent us an update and it looks like he’s adjusting well.

“I am so glad you rescued him because he is an amazing bunny,” Maria wrote. “He’s fascinating to watch and very curious. He often comes up to me for a good sniff!”

“I hope when people see Thumper and Blossom that they realise this is a brilliant organisation to adopt from,” she added. “Thank you for having Thumper (previously Casey) and treating him so well, and giving him the best start in a new chapter in his life.”

Thank you Maria for the update, we are delighted Thumper is getting on well!

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