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Buffy and Mindy

Hi and thank you to everyone in the shelter ,

Just wanted to keep you updated on the progress of my 2 adorable shih tzu girls ,Elsa and Heidi .
When I first went to the shelter in Longford back in November 2010, little did I realise the amount of pleasure I would receive from these 2 dogs, who were in poor condition and so nervous of me and anyone who came close to them.


Heidi was being treated for an ear infection and Elsa eyes were a little sensitive. They got the all clear one month after I adopted them.

It took a few weeks before they began to trust me and would allow me pet them .I know it was only to be expected considering the year they had spent in a cold,dirty ,damp, concrete pen ,with no human contact .What a lovely feeling that was to be able to touch them and cuddle together .They finally understood I wouldn't hurt them .


With patience and encouragement and reassurance these 'girls' have become my best pals and I know I can bring them anywhere with me and I do !They are still a little wary of strangers but that's a good thing I think .

They were house trained in 2 weeks and I bought 2 soft warm beds from the ISPCA , just in case they wanted their own space .Sometimes they sleep together and sometimes they pop in to their own bed for some peace and quiet ..a bit like us humans really ha ha.

Now, one year on ,their confidence has increased greatly. They greet me every morning and show their excitement  when I get up with  twirls and runarounds .They love running free together in the park ,racing each other and rolling in the grass .They bring a smile to my face and I giggle ,when I see Elsa,(being the dominant one and quite cheeky), jumping on Heidi to knock her down .Of course Heidi (being the 'quiet' one and a little lady )can now bounce back and their 'personalities ' have developed .Such a joy to watch them each day with each other .

Thankyou all for rescuing my girls and all the other animals in the shelter .I wish I could give homes to them all .I can only hope for the poor unfortunate animals still living in dreadful conditions that they too will be rescued one day and find their master .

Thanks again ,

Irene .



P.S. I have enclosed a few photos and will keep in touch.

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