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Just thought I would give you a little update on Brooklyn.  We picked him up on sat on my god he is tiny was not expecting him to be so small absolutely adorable.  We decided to change his name to Jake. He has settled in fantastic loves my bed and snuggles up in his blanket on it and there is no waken him when he is asleep.  He knows where to go for his drink and he when we bring him to the garden to do the business he runs to the back door to try get back in as he is so small the step is too high for him so we have to pick him up to bring him inside.  Hes a feisty little thing grunting and barking when you play with him.  He loves to play with a pair of fluffy rolled up socks and also likes biting our toes with the socks on.  He is a great little eater loving the nuts he is on that we got of yourselves.  He is mad about the straws you left with him.  All in all he seems to be love his new home.  He is getting his second injection on Friday. I will send you on some pics soon. We have decided to get him neutered when he is old enough and we won't be billing the ISPCA we will pay for that ourselves.

Thank you so much for your help with our new addition to our family.  He has so many people that adore him and is never short of attention.

Best wishes, Leanne

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