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Bonzo’s new LEASH on life

Today's Happy Tail is from Max, who adopted Bonzo back in August 2023. Bonzo was rescued back in September 2022 and was with us for nearly a year in ISPCA care. 

Bonzo had spent a long time before his rescue confined to a small space which gave him some trust issues with travel in crates and was very shy with new people.

Here is how Bonzo is getting on at his forever home:

"When I first got Bonzo he was terrified of everything, he wouldn't want to leave his room and did not eat or drink for two days.


He had been in the shelter for nearly a year and wasn't used to new noises or people.



It took quite a while for him to trust me and be able to go out of the house without me needing to carry him. It was so nice to see that he was curious and wanted to fight his fear.



Day by day he got more confidence and tried his best. It was very important to have a safe space in my room where he would feel comfortable and although he hated the car (because of the noise) he tried to get in by himself.



He is such a loving and happy dog, he totally changed, nothing compared to how he used to be. He has had a very rough past before he was rescued by the ISPCA which is especially difficult to get over.



You won't fully cure the trauma but you will have a very grateful and loving pet for years to come"


We would like to thank Max for sending us this lovely update on how Bonzo is getting on at his forever home.

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