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Bobcat and Cougar

Just a quick email to update you all on Bobcat & Cougar...the brother and sister we adopted from you back in May last year.  Now known as Darcy and Luna, they are thriving and well settled here with us in, Co. Leitrim.


Darcy is the bigger of the two and a complete tabby. Luna has maintained her white nose and paws and the two are turning into beautiful cats.  They are both affectionate - don't particularly liked being picked up but enjoy being stroked and will sit on your knee (on their terms of course).  They are great companions for each other but also for our lovely Retriever, Cassie.  

Anyway, back to the feline siblings.....took the attached photo which shows how close they are. 

Hope to make a visit over to the centre soon. 

Angela, Rhianna & Megan 

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