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Betsy the goat is a ‘lovable handful’ according to her new family

8 MARCH 2019

You may remember Betsy the goat, who followed around one of our Care Assistants at our National Animal Centre, and kept an eye on the skies for Santa around Christmas time.

Now this “lovable handful” has gone to a new home. And Betsy seems to be enjoying family’s other animals, having befriended their nine chickens.  

Betsy’s new family built her a run on their property, with donkeys on one side of her fence, and chickens on the other. But Betsy had other plans, knocking down one fence so she could join the chickens.

Not long after that, the rescued hens began flying over their fence to join Betsy in the garden where she spends her mornings.

On another morning , Betsy’s adopters went out to the shelter where this cheeky lady sleeps, only to find that the chickens had broken through a gap where their overnight sheds are joined. It seems as though they want to be together all the time. 

“If that’s what they want then we will leave them to it,” said adopters Wes and Angie.

“Betsy wags her tail to see us and enjoys rubbing her head against us while getting a smooth on the neck,” they added. “She loves eating apples, ginger biscuits and hot cross buns and carrots!”

We are delighted to hear that Betsy is getting on well in her new home. Thank you to Wes and Angie for the update!

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