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Audrey the collie went from foster pup to forever friend


Audrey (originally called Bubbles) went to a foster home in early June, but her family chose to adopt her not long after that.

In ISPCA care she was a shy and wary dog, but in her new home Audrey’s personality is shining and she is turning out to be a sweet, well-mannered girl.

Audrey’s new owner, Eva, says Audrey loves being outside for walks, hikes and swims. “She’ll find a gully or some long grass and bounce along parallel to the path. Lately she has begun rocketing around in wide circles,” Eva said.

Still, if Audrey wanders a good distance away, she always remembers to come back for a pat on the head, and reassurance that she is doing things right. “We’ve been on so many excursions this summer, and Audrey has always behaved impeccably,” added Eva.

In spite of being a highly active dog, Audrey’s favourite time of the day is bedtime.

“She tears up the stairs at the slightest hint we’re getting ready to bed down for the night, and she waits for us on the landing hopping with excitement,” said Eva.

Audrey gets along well with the family’s other dog, Ruby, and their two bold cats, Spook and Puca. She looks to Ruby whenever introduced to new situations for cues on how to behave.

“She has worked out so well,” said Eva. “I can’t wait to see her gain even more confidence as our adventures continue.”

Thank you to Eva for the lovely update!

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