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Arthur and Noodle settling in well in their new home

Meet Arthur and Noodle, two lovable cats adopted by Dawn and her family. 

Here is what Dawn had to say: 

“Arthur and Noodle are wonderful little cats with great personalities. They enjoy attention and having fun and are so affectionate. Arthur loves getting brushed and playing with his toys. Noodle is a cheeky monkey and never stops playing. They get on so well.  I’d like to say the people at the ISPCA are fantastic and do their best for these cats, indeed all the animals in their care. It is hard to think what would happen if they weren't there, it would be great if someone looking for a cat or kitten would support the ISPCA in their search of good homes for these wee souls. These cats truly deserve it and we wish them all the best”. 


Arthur and Noodle formed a friendship while in the care of the ISPCA and absolutely adore each other and were adopted together. They get on so well with Dawns dogs and cuddle up beside each other on the couch and they love greeting new visitors.

Huge thanks to Dawn and her family for making place in her home and heart for Arthur and Noodle.  If you are thinking of getting a cat or kitten, check out the rehoming section on our website where you can see lots of our adorable cats and kittens patiently waiting for their puuuurrrrffffect chance of a happy home.

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