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Another Horse Taken into the Care of the ISPCA

Another horse taken into the care of the ISPCA

In the course of investigations following on from the recent seizure of Nemo in Co. Laois, Chief Inspector Conor Dowling secured the surrender of another horse in poor condition.

The 4 year old Chestnut filly, now named “Copper”, was emaciated and affected by ringworm and lice. In addition, she had significant damage to the tendons in her right hind leg which meant that she was not walking flat on her hoof. As a consequence, the hoof was not being worn down in the normal manner and had been allowed to become overgrown. This further exacerbated the problem with Copper’s leg.

Copper was taken to the National Animal Centre in Longford for veterinary assessment. While she will never be able for any athletic activity, she should recover well enough to lead a long and happy life at pasture.

Chief Inspector Dowling stated “I was very pleased to get Copper to the safety of our rehabilitation centre. While she might never jump any fences there is no reason why she can’t make an excellent companion for another horse”.

A file will be prepared in relation to both Nemo and Copper for submission to an Garda Siochana with a view to a cruelty prosecution being taken.

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