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A Super-CALLIE-fragilisticexpialidocious new life

Today's Happy Tail is from Caroline, who adopted Callie the German Shepherd puppy back in July 2023. Callie was born in ISPCA care and was adopted by Caroline in July.

Here is how Callie is getting on at her forever home:

"Callie came into our lives on the 4th of July 2023. It took a little bit of time to settle in and find her feet.


Once she did she quickly became part of the family and the furniture. She is a funny and clever puppy who brings joy and fun to our lives every day.

Our older dog has so much fun with her and they are inseparable. When our older dog was sick before Christmas, Callie was lying by her side and missed her when she was gone to the vets.

Callie loves her walks, playtime, agility classes, and now puppy training classes."

We would like to thank Caroline for sending us this lovely update on how Callie is getting on at her forever home.

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