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A beautiful friendship between Marge and Seana

This is another wonderful Happy Tail story. Marge the pony and her owner Seana are best friends. Seana was entered into the Finn Valley Show. Seana had never before competed in any major show before this. They were up against 15 other ponies and their owners. Their family were just thrilled that Seana had finally found the courage to take part. Marge's new family say, "We never thought in a month of Sundays that they would be placed never mind getting a first. But they both oozed confidence in their class, we were so proud of them both". 

Marge has given Seana a bucket full of self confidence. Its quite amazing watching them together say Seana's parents. When Marge grazes Seana is also in the field, when they go back to put her in the stables Seana just stands and holds out her hand and Marge comes running. Seana has learned her Irish essays and her French verbs while riding Marge. She had a presentation to do for her Sumner exams, she told Marges story and earned herself an A. 

Seana gets up very early in the morning to ride Marge for twenty minutes no matter what the weather is like. She then mucks her out and makes sure Marge is fed and watered and also brushed before she goes to school. Seana then goes to see Marge again in the evening to say goodnight.

She spends every spare minute with Marge and even sits in her stable and plays her classical music. In return Seana gives Marge so much of her time love and respect. Even the Vet and the Farrier is quite amazed how happy Marges is when Seana is around. 

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