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Kuma gets the fabulous home he deserves

Hey there, Kuma here, my humans were telling me you wanted an update about my new life. It's great here. I've got these humans trained well....

I sleep in the same room as the female human, Leanne. (who is typing this for me..). I've got my own bed which I use at times but her bed is so much bigger and comfier. Plus I get cuddles if I climb up there. I also enjoy sleeping under the bed where it’s dark, especially if the wind is being super loud and scary. I don't like the wind, it makes me very nervous but my humans keep telling me it's okay and are teaching me to be brave and that the wind can't hurt me. They've even gotten me an outdoor dog bed with a roof so I have some bit of shelter from the wind when I'm out in my favourite place. 

I love my walks. When they take me down by the local river I always make sure to drag them down to the water so I can go for a bit of a swim. It's so refreshing. I'm always getting attention and pets and some local kids down by the river called me a fox once. There are so many other dog friends for me to make down there and big fields to run across too. 

I'm still not great at walking near the busy roads. Those loud engines startle me, especially the motorbikes. I try to attack them whenever I hear them coming but can never seem to get them. My owners are working on trying to calm me down around those loud noises but I'm not giving up without a fight.

I love being outside, especially if it’s muddy. I don't care what the weather is like or how cold it is, those humans will have to survive somehow. I will even sit in the doorway to make sure they don't close the door on me. There are loads of pesky starlings in the trees near our house that I spend hours a day barking at. I sometimes get the neighbouring dogs involved too. I will scare those starlings off some day, their singing just gets too loud sometimes.

When my humans first brought me home I didn't like dogs that are bigger than me. There was this one time on the way to the park when I had to walk past this big German shepherd and I had the same reaction. There's also a big black Newfoundland cross leaving near me that I do not like. I think I may have scared the other dog’s owner but I didn't mean to.

When they brought me home they introduced me to these things call toys. At first I didn't know what I was meant to do with them but I've got the humans trained to play tug of war with me, or chase or my favourite is when they throw the tennis balls. I make sure they give me at least half an hour of play time with my tennis balls a day.

I don't like it when they leave the house to go to work or do some shopping but I love it when they come back. I jump all over them and give them loads of kisses. They leave the radio on for me to listen to when they are gone and I've got my new brother joey (King Charles) to keep me company too.

I have had my human attach a few photos of me for you to admire.  

You can read all about my rescue story here 

Thank you ISPCA Emma for rescuing me, I have not looked back and I’m loving life now with my new family!

From Kuma (and family) 

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