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  • Cheyenne and Feather

    Cheyenne and Feather

    Date: February 21, 2012

    Merja has provided these two wonderful horses with such a fantastic home.......

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  • Mario


    Date: February 17, 2012

    Mario is a barrel of fun, loves to chew but thankfully he is sticking to his toys........

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  • JLo


    Date: February 13, 2012

    JLo is settling in nicely

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  • Bobcat and Cougar

    Bobcat and Cougar

    Date: February 02, 2012

    The brother and sister we adopted from you back in May last year are thriving and well settled...

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  • Emma and Mr Socks

    Emma and Mr Socks

    Date: January 31, 2012

    The pictures were taken during a day out on their Christmas holidays.....

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  • Molly and Fudge

    Molly and Fudge

    Date: January 30, 2012

    Bunnies are doing great and are very well spoiled.......

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  • The Count

    The Count

    Date: January 23, 2012

    The Count has settled in very well. Hi is truly a great dog and we have taken to him in a big way......

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  • Trisha


    Date: January 23, 2012

    Trisha is now living with her new friend Max in a home where she is pampered and understood........

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  • Princess and Snowie

    Princess and Snowie

    Date: January 19, 2012

    Princess has found a wonderful new life with the Regan family....

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  • Rassa


    Date: January 12, 2012

    Rassa has well and truly landed on her paws with the Ruigley family...........

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  • Ziggy


    Date: January 12, 2012

    Ziggy shows he is great company in the workshop...

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  • Holly


    Date: January 12, 2012

    Holly has settled into her new home. She was very nervous at first and kept hiding on us!! She is now very playful and enjoys lo

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  • Kenya


    Date: January 03, 2012

    Thank you for the lovely pet taken from Longford National Animal Centre.......

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  • Molly May

    Molly May

    Date: January 03, 2012

    Molly is such a great dog and so well behaved, friendly and totally lovable.....

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  • Bert


    Date: December 20, 2011

    A little foal, now named Bert by the caring staff at the ISPCA, is making a fantastic recovery......

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