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Microchip Allows Dog to be Reunited with Owner

The ISPCA always encourages people to microchip their pets and to register their details.  Unfortunately dogs are going missing or being stolen on a daily basis. All the more reason to ensure your details with the database are kept updated.
ISPCA Inspector Lisa O’Donovan recently responded to a call in a North Cork village regarding a dog that was in need of assistance. On arrival at a green area next to a row of houses, she found a young husky tethered by a chain in filthy conditions.

On closer examination the young dog was found to be extremely emaciated and in a very poor state of neglect. The area around the dog box was a quagmire of mud and faeces and there was raw meat simply thrown on the ground for the dog to eat. The inside of the box was wet and mucky and there was no water available. Enquiries in the area drew no conclusion as to who was responsible for the dog.

The local Garda arrived to survey the situation and agreed that the dog should be seized from the land where it was being kept illegally. The dog was then removed to a local veterinary practice for treatment.  Luckily for this dog, she was micro chipped and the ISPCA were able to track down her registered owner and she was reunited with her family.
“The family were devastated when they became aware of what had become of her life” remarked Lisa, “All efforts to recover her had failed and they had almost given up hope as over a year had passed by. While she was a shadow of her normal self, she instantly recognised her family and her home and it was so heart-warming to see recognition registering with her.”

It is presumed that this dog was stolen and, although the culprits have not been identified, at least there is a happy ending to what could have been a devastating story. Investigations regarding this case are still ongoing.

“This dog became safe as soon as we removed her,” stated Lisa, “After her ordeal, it’s far more rewarding to have her back with her loving family. Every animal we rescue is scanned and micro-chips are traced.  Far too often the microchip details have not been registered or updated, but I’m hoping the happy outcome of this story will encourage people to register their details and chip animals in their care.”

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