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Face-2-Face Fundraising – Say Hello!

26th September 2016

FAQs which will help to answer some of the questions you may have:

Why is the ISPCA using Face 2 Face Fundraising?

  • We need to recruit new supporters and raise funds to support our work rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals’ right around Ireland. . We also need to develop and grow our ISPCA Animal Welfare Inspectorate service and reach more animals in need. To do this we need to increase our regular monthly donations so that we can plan in a more efficient way.  Research has shown that Face-2-Face Fundraising is one of the best ways to reach more supporters as well as raising awareness about our work.

How can I be sure the person at my door is a legitimate fundraiser?

  • ISPCA Fundraisers will carry an ID badge with them at all times.

  • They will be wearing branded ISPCA jackets and will have copies of ISPCA information leaflets to hand. They have been trained and have visited the ISPCA, National Animal Centre, Keenagh, Co. Longford and will be able to tell you about the work of the ISPCA.

  • If you are still concerned please feel free to contact us and put your mind at ease. T: 043 33 25035– ask for Rebecca or Carole or any member of the Fundraising Team.

What time do our fundraisers work on our behalf?

  • Door-to-door Fundraisers work on our behalf between the hours of 9.00 a.m to 9.00 p.m – Monday to Saturday.

How are monthly donations used?

Your donation will go towards helping the ISPCA save animals large and small form cruelty. Your monthly gifts help us save the lives of some of Ireland’s most neglected animals. This includes:

  • Helping our ISPCA Inspectors to reach more animals that are in desperate need of help. 

  • Help us provide suitable and nourishing food animals need to help them in their recovery from cruelty and neglect. 

  • Provide vital veterinary care for animals most in need at ISPCA centres in Keenagh, Longford and Mallow, Co. Cork.

Can I make a monetary donation at the door?

  • Our fundraisers only ask for regular gifts via direct debit and are not authorised to accept one-off cash gifts. If you would like to make a once off donation, you can always do so by credit card on our website donate page, or simply give any member of our Fundraising Team a call on 043 33 25035.

Are my personal details and banking details shared with a third party?

  • No.  Also, please be assured that when Appco are sharing data with the ISPCA it is done securely and is encrypted so your details are 100% safe and secure.

Why does the ISPCA need to partner with an outside company to raise funds?

  • We have chosen to work with APPCO who successfully work with charities all over the world.  Partnering with them, we have the confidence that your information and our reputation will be protected.  We would need to recruit and train many more staff to operate a round the year door-to-door fundraising campaign which would require hugely expensive amounts of resources and expertise. By partnering with a company like Appco, we know it will be more cost effective and we will be drawing on their expertise gained over many years in many different countries.

Who should I contact if I want to cancel or amend the donation amount on my direct debit?

  • You can contact Carole or any member of our Fundraising Team directly on 043 33 25035 to cancel or amend the value of your monthly direct debit amount.

  • Thank you for your support and we welcome any feedback you may

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