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The ISPCA advocates each year around a number of  animal welfare issues in Ireland and Europe. Our campaigns look for legislative changes, public awareness and eduction, or donations to secure improved welfare conditions for companion, farm and wild animals. 

After joining Eurogroup for Animals in 2016, the ISPCA has partnered with them on a number of campaigns to elicit change on an EU level. You can find out more information about our current campaigns below. 


ISPCA on why to spay and neuter your pet

SpayAware is an annual public awareness campaign that aims to reduce Ireland's high numbers of abandoned cats and dogs by persuading more owners to spay or neuther their pets. Not only does responsible spaying and neutering reduce the numbers of unwanted cats and dogs, it also provides health benefits for your pet. For more information about this year's campaign, please visit our dedicated SpayAware page


Feral Cat Awareness

Feral cat overpopulation is a serious welfare concern in Ireland, with an estimated 200,000 feral cats across the country. During Feral Cat Awareness week each August the ISPCA encourages members of the public who are in contact with a feral cat colony to take part in Trap, Neuter, and Return (TNR) to help tackle the issues that accompany cat overpopulation, or to donate to their local animal welfare charities to help with the cost of humane cat traps and subsidies for neutering. Find out more about feral cats, and how you can help.

End Pig Pain

The ISPCA and Eurogroup for Animals —Europe’s leading animal welfare lobbying group— are currently running a campaign to stop tail docking of piglets in the European Union. Millions of piglets have their tails docked every year in the EU. In Ireland 99% of piglets have their tails docked shortly after birth. Pigs need to be provided with a suitable environment with enough space to exhibit normal behaviour, good quality nutrition and appropriate veterinary care. All of those factors have a role to play in determining the risk of tail biting. We want pigs to have happy lives & enjoy fresh air! For more information on our End Pig Pain campaign and to help us make a difference please click here and sign the petition. 


Ban on Animals in Circuses

The Big Stop campaign was a major success! Thank you to all our supporters. 

The ISPCA launched The Big Stop campaign in February 2016, seeking a nationwide ban on the use of wild animals in circuses. We did it, thanks to you! The ISPCA warmly welcomes the announcement that Ireland will introduce a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses with effect from 1st January 2018 by way of a Regulation under the Animal Health and Welfare Act. The ISPCA is opposed to the use of wild animals in cirucses on welfare and ethical grounds, and believe that a travelling circus cannot provide a suitable environment for wild animals such as elephants, tigers and sea lions. You can find out more information about The Big Stop campaign here, including our report, 'Wild Animal in Travelling Circuses.'


Stop the Trucks

The ISPCA is calling for a review of the legislation surrounding live transports of animals for slaughter. As a member of Eurogroup for Animals, the ISPCA is joining other animal welfare organisations from around Europe to call for the currently insufficient and unenforced legislation to be replaced with shorter maximum journey times and a general review of the Transport Regulation (Ref. Leg., 1/2005). 

Find out more about Stop the Trucks.

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