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ISPCA Cara Programme is an ISPCA community scheme that provides pet companionship and support for senior citizens in our communities.

Pet companionship can be a great comfort and support to owners providing physical, social and emotional benefits; particularly to those who might not have adequate social interaction or live isolated lives.

ISPCA Cara Programme breaks down the barriers of elderly pet ownership.  Often the decision not to have a pet can be caused by concerns such as:

What would happen to my pet if I went into a nursing home or even passed away?

If your family cannot take over the responsibility, the ISPCA will take back your pet an secure them a compassionate and safe home. (Where possible we will liaise with the new owners about visits to the nursing home).

I don’t have a large Income?

The ISPCA will ensure your new best friend is fully vaccinated, treated for parasites, neutered, micro-chipped and has a full clean bill of health.  The adoption fees are completely waivered for ISPCA Cara Programme animals.

What about exercise?

Exercising your pet is a great opportunity for social interaction, keeping healthy and maintaining a sense of purpose.  However, we understand that as we get older we have less mobility.  The dedicated team at the ISPCA will carefully select a suitable pet to match your energy levels.

How does the ISPCA Cara Programme Work?

The ISPCA's experienced staff thoroughly assess the behaviour of ISPCA Cara Programme animals and work closely with the adopter to ensure they are paired with the right animal.

Step 1: Visit the ISPCA National Animal Centre

Our dedicated staff will spend as much time as you need to ensure you are teamed up with the right friend.

Step 2: A Home Visit

A home visit is arranged to see how we can make the transition of owning a new pet as easy for both of you as we can.

Step 3: Adoption

When you are 100% decided on your friendship, we will arrange the adoption process with all fees waivered.

*To qualify for the ISPCA Cara Programme, you need to be a senior citizen.  The scheme only applies to ISPCA Cara Programme behaviour tested animals.

Pets can have a profound and positive impact on people.  Age Action is delighted to support the ISPCA Cara Programme that helps animals and also helps improve people’s lives. Daragh Matthews, Business Development at Age Action.

To see some of the National Animal Centre ISPCA Cara Programme animals available please visit or view our rehoming section.