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Two owls rescued from substandard conditions

A number of animals were recently removed from a property by ISPCA Inspector Karen Lyons. Inspector Lyons discovered two owls, a Barn Owl and Bengal Eagle Owl, living in substandard conditions in a residential property. As well as the birds, Inspector Lyons found a Belgian giant breed rabbit and her six babies, two yellow bellied turtles and three kittens on site. All of the animals were signed over to the ISPCA, as they were not receiving adequate care. 

Inspector Lyons said, “The confinement of the two owls was unacceptable. These types of birds need expert care and handling and it was obvious that their needs were not being met. How these birds were acquired is still being investigated, but we would urge the public to consider that keeping any wild animal in a home environment is inadvisable. They require specialised habitats, feeding and care that are extremely difficult to provide.”

The two owls were transferred to the Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit, who we would like to thank for their support. Both the owls have since learned how to fly, as they sadly had never had to room to experience this necessary and instinctive behaviour. 

The remaining animals were transported to the ISPCA National Animal Centre and will be responsibly rehomed once they have finished vet assessments and any treatments required. If you suspect an animal is being cruelly treated, neglected or abused, please contact the National Animal Cruelty Helpline in confidence on 1890 515 515 or use our confidential online report form here -

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