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Two Mares left to Suffer

Christmas 2012 saw the arrival of 4 ponies into the care of the ISPCA. Mistletoe and Holly are two skewbald Shetland mares that were in need of remedial farrier treatment as their hooves had been severely neglected. Both ponies also had laminitis, a particularly painful condition effecting the hooves, and were in need of emergency veterinary treatment.

Thankfully a local experienced volunteer was able to offer transport and emergency accomadation for the ponies until they could be assessed and treated by a vet . Both mares had colt foals at foot and they were also taken to safety. Prancer and dancer, as they were later named , are completely unhanded and will require time and expert handling to help them learn to trust humans and allow us to handle them. Both mares are making a good recovery and are now on anti-inflammatory treatment for laminitis and are comfortable and out of pain. All four had a heavy worm burden and lice. Both mares will also need dental treatment when they have recovered sufficiently. Mistletoe and Holly are quiet, gentle mares and will make wonderful friends and companions when recovered. Their sons Prancer and Dancer will be looking for new homes in the spring when they have settled down a bit and are gelded. 

If you would like to help the many horses in our care like Mistletoe and Holly, please consider a regular donation to the ISPCA, any gift no matter how big or small will make a difference to animals that are suffering.

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