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Severely neglected young rabbit discovered


When ISPCA Inspector Lisa O’Donovan arrived at a property in Cork City Centre, she made a disturbing find. Despite the fact that it was raining heavily, there was a little injured rabbit in an open wire bird cage outside the front door of the house.

"The poor little thing was sitting there with no bedding and the base of the bird cage was soaking with rain and urine. It would not have been more than a couple of months old" said Inspector O’Donovan.


Soaked with rain and urine

Horrified by the discovery, the Inspector had the rabbit surrendered and it was immediately removed to a veterinary practice. On examination, it was discovered that it was severely dehydrated, infested with maggots, and had two breaks in one of its legs. The attending Veterinary surgeon was appalled by the accommodation in which it was forced to live, its general condition, and the untreated injury it had sustained.

"This did not occur overnight" stated inspector O'Donovan, "whilst we see many forms of cruelty, we were horrified to see this young little rabbit in such horrendous condition. It was more than evident that it has suffered a great deal before our intervention. We are extremely grateful to the member of the public who brought this to our attention."


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