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Pups With Docked Tails Rescued by ISPCA

The ISPCA National Animal Helpline recently received a call from a member of the public who had responded to an on-line advertisement offering Jack Russell puppies for sale. When they viewed the puppies at a property in Laois they saw that they had rubber rings wrapped around their tails.

The seller assured them that this was the normal way in which pups’ tails are docked. Despite their misgivings, the buyer paid €140 for a puppy. After bringing the pup home they continued to have concerns and visited their vet who advised that they contact the ISPCA.

Inspector Brendan Hughes investigated the allegation and found a further four Jack Russell pups aged approximately 8 weeks with rubber lambing rings on their tails. The seller appeared to have no idea that they had done anything wrong.

Inspector Hughes commented “These puppies were far too old to have their tails docked, both legally and morally. The ISPCA believes the practice of docking tails to be barbaric and unnecessary at any age and we are hopeful that it will be outlawed altogether in the relatively near future”.

The remaining pups were surrendered to the ISPCA and are now recuperating at the National Animal Centre. 
Investigations are ongoing to establish the full facts of the case. Unfortunately, the ISPCA encounters puppies in this condition too regularly and successful prosecutions have been taken in relation to tail docking in the past.

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