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Pony set alight in Cork City


ISPCA Inspector Lisa O’Donovan responded to an urgent call regarding an injured horse in a green area behind a terrace of houses in the north side of Cork City.

Upon arrival she found a yearling colt tethered in the area.  The lower part of his back was seriously injured with a wound that appeared to be consistent with a burn. The skin was severely infected, with oozing pus and a very heavy infestation of maggots. The Garda and a Veterinary Surgeon were immediately called to assist. “This is a shocking injury, the young colt was suffering horrendously.” said Inspector O’Donovan.

The Veterinary Surgeon confirmed that the injuries were caused by burning and the time-frame would suggest that the incident would have occurred around Halloween weekend. Quite possibly he was doused in a flammable substance and set alight.

“Bert”, as he has been named by his rescuer, was given immediate pain relief and medication for a very high fever. He was seized by the Garda and removed to the ISPCA Victor Dowling Centre in Mallow, Co Cork.

If Bert had not been rescued, he would have suffered a long and painful death. It is expected that his recovery will be slow as it is likely that much of the damaged skin will die away. He is getting the best possible veterinary care and plenty of affection and attention from the centre staff.

“We are very hopeful” said Inspector O’Donovan “that Bert will recover. The torture he endured during this mindless act of cruelty is beyond comprehension. To think of the suffering he endured and yet he was such a calm gentle animal while we were working to save him. It’s a barbaric act of cruelty and shocking to say that such things are going on in what we perceive to be a civilised society”.

This incident would have occurred around Halloween weekend in the Fairhill, North Monastery area of Cork City and the ISPCA are appealing to anyone who may have any information to contact the ISPCA National Animal Cruelty Helpline on 1890 515 515 or to contact their local Garda Station. For further information about the ISPCA and ways to help, please visit

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