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Nemo Rescued

Nemo rescued

Enquiries are ongoing in an effort to establish the owner of a 3 year old bay gelding removed from a location in Laois last week. Chief Inspector Conor Dowling investigated an allegation made to the ISPCA National Animal Helpline and found the animal in an obviously poor state.

Chief Inspector Dowling stated “This horse was clearly very underweight with its bones visible. It was also quite literally crawling with lice. When I touched the animal, its coat came alive with lice”.


With the assistance of local Gardai, the gelding was seized and taken to the National Animal Centre. The attending vet found him to be emaciated, suffering from ringworm and having what the vet described as the worst lice infestation he had ever seen.

“Nemo”, as he has been named by his rescuers, is currently undergoing treatment and it is hoped that he will make a full recovery. Despite all that he has been through Nemo is extremely trusting and gentle.

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