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Meath woman disqualified from keeping dogs for two years

A County Meath woman was fined €500 and disqualified from keeping dogs for two years at Navan District Court on Friday 22nd April 2016. The women had admitted offences under section 11 of the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013 at a previous court sitting.

The case arose from visits made to her home by ISPCA Inspector Elaine Whyte on Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th November 2014 when a number of Rottweiler dogs were seized and surrendered.

She entered a plea of guilty to failing to take steps to safeguard the welfare of two male Rottweilers which the court heard were severely malnourished and living in a filthy pen without water or adequate shelter.  

ISPCA Inspector Whyte said: “The living conditions in which these dogs were kept were kept in was simply unacceptable and the photos taken at their rescue speaks a thousand words. Irresponsible pet owners who fail to provide the most basic needs for their animals in this way are liable to be prosecuted”.

The dogs called Ray and Teddy have since been successfully rehomed where they are cared for. Ray's owner had this to say about adopting his best friend,

“I have Ray  a year now. He was hard work for the first few months having some food issues with him and he was a very determined escapologist. He has settled in very well with my other dogs and the urge to bolt is gone. He has changed my mind completely about re-homing neglected and abused dogs. He is without doubt the smartest dog I have ever had . Ray has done things around my place that has left me gobsmacked. I am so delighted to have met Ray.  Thank you ISPCA." John from Westmeath 

Members of the public should report animal welfare concerns to the ISPCA by contacting the National Animal Cruelty Helpline on 1890 515 515 or report in confidence via the online cruelty complaint form here.

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