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Max and Duke Seek New Homes

Max and Duke are 18 month old brothers who are looking for new forever homes as their current owner is unable to cater for the demands of such large dogs.

The ISPCA first became aware of Max and Duke after a call was made to the National Animal Helpline by a member of the public concerned for their welfare. Chief Inspector Conor Dowling responded to the call and found the St. Bernard x Great Danes living in a standard suburban garden.

Mr. Dowling commented "While Max and Duke were in good condition and were obviously receiving good care in most respects, it was clear to me that they were exhibiting signs of frustration due to the limited space available to them".
Chief Inspector Dowling made contact with the owners and discovered that the dogs had originally been taken from an unwanted litter of puppies. After careful consideration the owners of Max and Duke decided that they did not have the space or the time to adequately fulfill the needs of the dogs in terms of exercise and asked for help in finding new homes.

Due to the demand for space at the National Animal Centre, Max and Duke are remaining with their current owners while suitable new homes are sought for them.

Chief Inspector Dowling said "This has been a difficult decision for the owners of these dogs but I believe it is the right one, both for the dogs and their owners. These are big, active dogs that need plenty of exercise. Anybody considering taking on this type of dog should think carefully about what that entails. It would be great if we could find a home for Max and Duke together but that may be a tall order".

If you feel that you could offer Max or Duke a suitable new home please contact the ISPCA on 043-3325035.

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