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Lurcher puppy surrendered to the ISPCA covered in an unidentified substance

A five month old male lurcher puppy was recently surrendered to the care of the ISPCA from a suburb of Cork city. This was following report that the dog had been seen covered in an unidentified substance. ISPCA Inspector Lisa O’Donovan investigated the reports, and found that the dog was suffering from a skin condition and that the owner had tried to deal with it by using a home remedy, rather than visiting a vet.

Inspector O’Donovan said, “This sort of treatment is not appropriate for dogs. All skin issues and ailments should be seen to by your vet, and any topical applications must be prescribed by the same. In this situation the dog would have become very ill by ingesting the application.”

The ISPCA urge owners to always contact your vet if you think your pet might be ill or injured. Human medications and home remedies are not a substitute for professional vet treatments, and can be extremely harmful to your pet.

The puppy, named Trigger, is now at the ISPCA National Animal Centre in Keenagh, Co. Longford and is receiving treatment for his mange. Trigger will be available for adoption once he has finished his course of treatment, and will be looking for his new home in December. Trigger is a very sweet puppy and will make a lovely pet for a lucky family. 

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