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Life no barrel of laughs for collie

Responding to a call in the North Cork area ISPCA Inspector Lisa O'Donovan found a Border Collie roaming around the country roads with a plastic barrel attached to his collar. The young Collie had run across the road in front of the Inspector’s vehicle.

On locating the owner of the dog, Inspector O'Donovan established that the container was in place as an attempt to prevent the dog from attacking livestock. It had a history of injuring sheep in the area, sometimes fatally. Acknowledging that this was an unsuitable manner with which to keep an animal, the owner surrendered the young collie to the care of the ISPCA.

"I dread to think of what the consequences would have been in this situation" said Inspector O'Donovan, "This is a sight that I have seen once too often. It is distressing for the animal and a danger to itself and members of the public. It could have caused a serious accident on the road and, additionally, the dog could easily injure itself. This is not the solution to a common problem in country areas. Dogs that are a danger to themselves and livestock should either be re-trained, re-homed or secured in a suitable run"


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