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ISPCA’s Attempts to Save Abandoned Filly are Unsuccessful

For the second time in just days ISPCA Inspector Kevin McGinley was called upon to aid an abandoned equine in Co. Donegal. On this occasion three horses were straying in forestry outside Raphoe. One of them, a two year old skewbald filly, was injured and in need of assistance.

Inspector McGinley managed to isolate and catch the filly named Rhona by rescuers. An initial veterinary assessment suggested that Rhona had a fractured lower jaw which it was thought was most likely caused by a kick from another horse. She was also thin and had rain scald.

The filly was taken to the National Animal Centre in Keenagh, Co. Longford but was not eating well and was not thriving. Further veterinary examinations revealed that the unfortunate animal had a second fracture in her top jaw and a hole in the roof of her mouth. This was allowing food to enter her sinus cavity and was causing infection.

Unfortunately, the damage was too severe to be rectified and Rhona was suffering. The difficult decision was therefore taken on veterinary advice to have her humanely euthanized. It was a sad end for a horse with a lovely temperament.
Inspector Kevin McGinley said “It is a real pity that there wasn’t a more positive outcome for Rhona but we can take some comfort from the fact that her suffering was ended”.

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