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ISPCA uncovers case of dog hoarding

ISPCA Inspector Elaine Reynolds and the County Dog Warden conducted a joint inspection of a property in Meath and discovered a dog hoarding situation. A number of nervous, unsocialised dogs were found around the property with some tethered or confined to trailers.

Dog tied to kennel

The dogs, which were all Collie or Springer Spaniel types, had been allowed to breed indiscriminately and their numbers had increased over time. While their physical condition was not too bad, some of the accommodation offered to the dogs was severely sub-standard.

The mental state of the dogs was also a cause for concern as they were extremely shy and wary of humans.
Inspector Reynolds commented “The dogs in this situation were serving no purpose. They were neither working dogs nor pets but were just accumulated and allowed to multiply. There was absolutely no management of the dogs or their welfare”.

Several dogs were removed from the property and taken into care where their suitability for rehoming will be assessed.

Inspector Reynolds added “The neutering of dogs at an earlier stage could have prevented this situation from arising. We would appeal to all dog owners to do the responsible thing and neuter your pet”.

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