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ISPCA Rescues Young Cat From Snare


Responding to an urgent call made to the ISPCA Helpline, Inspector Lisa O’Donovan proceeded to a location near Middleton, East cork. On arrival the Inspector discovered a young male cat caught in a rabbit snare.

The cat was caught tightly around the neck and he was in a weakened condition, unable to breathe and terrified. Despite his distressed state he allowed his rescuer to release him. He was removed from the site to the nearest Veterinary practice.


Hector, as he is now known had been trapped for at least an hour and was stressed and disorientated. He remained in intensive care for 24 hours but we are now pleased to report that he has made a wonderful recovery.

Contrary to public belief snares are not illegal provided that they are constructed and set in accordance with law. The ISPCA does not approve of snares due to their indiscriminate nature and the suffering that they can cause but, as they are not illegal, we cannot prevent their use. We would appeal to those who set snares to make every effort to avoid endangering domestic pets and to check them at regular intervals.


Hector is now looking for a loving home as, despite every effort, we failed to find his owners.

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