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ISPCA calls on cat owners to neuter their pets


Two young cats are in the care of the ISPCA after being found abandoned in forestry near Ballymahon in County Longford. Inspector Elaine Reynolds received a call about the kittens at a time when there was torrential rain and discovered the young animals in a miserable state. The kittens were taken to the National Animal Centre for some TLC.

These two kittens are just the latest in a long line of hundreds that have passed through the doors of the ISPCA’s cattery this year. The majority of the cats taken in by the ISPCA are unwanted kittens resulting from unplanned pregnancies which could have been avoided if the cat’s owners had neutered their pets.

The neutering message does not seem to be hitting home as the ISPCA is receiving more requests than ever from people with kittens for which they cannot find homes. Over the course of the summer, a time of the year known as kitten season among animal rescuers, the society’s cattery was packed well beyond its designed capacity.

Chief Inspector Conor Dowling commented “Our facilities are not large enough for us to cope with the demands from members of the public to take their litters of unwanted kittens. Cat owners must realise that they have a responsibility to prevent these animals arriving into the world by neutering their pets”.

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