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Frieda was thin and limping when rescued by the ISPCA in Waterford

ISPCA Inspector Alice Lacey responded to a call on 15th June 2016 regarding a dog in poor condition with a leg injury in Waterford City.

Upon arrival, Inspector Lacey discovered a young lurcher dog in poor body condition.

The dog, named Frieda, was thin and limping on her hind leg which was also swollen. The dog’s owner gave no indication as to how the injury to the hind leg had happened, but Inspector Lacey discovered that she had not received veterinary treatment for it.

Frieda was surrendered into the care of the ISPCA and was then taken to a local vet for treatment. In addition to her swollen hind leg, she was suffering from fleas and mange, which would have contributed to her sore and itchy skin. Frieda was also quite underweight for her size.

“Frieda’s condition could have been prevented with proper veterinary care,” said Inspector Lacey. “Despite being in some discomfort from her hind leg, and in poor body condition, we expect her to make a full recovery.”

Frieda is currently at the Waterford SPCA and once she has recovered from her ordeal and has completed the veterinary treatment she requires, she will be ready for a new loving home. For further information about Frieda, please call the Waterford SPCA on 051-841432.

Members of the public should report animal welfare concerns to the ISPCA by contacting the National Animal Cruelty Helpline on 1890 515 515 or report in confidence via the online cruelty complaint form here.

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