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Fifteen animals removed from a property in Carlow

Fifteen animals were recently removed from a property in Carlow when they were found to be living in substandard conditions. The animals included two dogs, nine rabbits and four terrapins which were all living in unsuitable and overcrowded environments. The dogs, a basset hound and a spaniel, were chained outside in dirty areas with minimal shelter. All of the animals were removed and transported to the ISPCA National Animal Centre to undergo vet assessment and treatments. 

ISPCA Chief Inspector Conor Dowling said, “In this case the owner had accumulated quite a number of animals, more than they had the facilities to adequately cater for. While the animals were generally healthy, they were housed in crowded and unsuitable conditions. There is more to caring for animals than just maintaining their physical health.”

The animals are recovering well at the Centre and will be responsibly rehomed once they have finished all necessary treatments from the vet. 

The ISPCA would urge the public to consider the time and costs involved with caring for any pet before acquiring it. Expenses like food, toys, accessories, housing and vet bills will not be one-time costs and can increase with the age of your pet. This is especially true for exotic pets, such as the terrapins, as they can require specialist care and housing which can be expensive.

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