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Dogs rescued in poor condition from confined crate in Limerick City

ISPCA Inspector David Walsh recently visited a property in Limerick City following a call about dogs kept in unsuitable living conditions. Upon arrival, Inspector Walsh observed six dogs confined to a single wire crate in the sitting room beside a radiator.

The dogs were in extremely poor condition, and had no room to move or lie down in the crate. There was no food or water available for the dogs.

The owners were not present at the time, so Inspector Walsh, along with ISPCA Inspector Lisa O’Donovan returned that evening to speak with the owners. The welfare concerns for the dogs were highlighted, and upon discussion, the Inspectors learned there were a further three puppies in the upstairs of the property, which were also in poor condition.

All nine dogs were surrendered to the care of the ISPCA, and were transferred to the ISPCA Equine Rescue Centre in Mallow, Co. Cork for immediate veterinary assessment.

ISPCA Inspector David Walsh said: “The conditions these dogs were kept in were completely unacceptable. Not only would the dogs have been extremely stressed and uncomfortable sharing such a small crate, but they also had no access to food or water.  A file is being prepared in relation to this matter”.

The dogs have since been transferred to the ISPCA National Animal Centre where they are continuing with on-going treatment and rehabilitation.  Once they have all recuperated, the ISPCA will be appealing for responsible new homes.

The volume of cruelty, neglect and uncared for animals is a very regular occurrence for ISPCA Animal Welfare Inspectors. As a charitable organisation, the ISPCA relies on public support for approximately 90% of our funds which we receive through donations enabling us to continue our vital work rescuing, rehabilitating and responsibly rehoming so many animals in our care.  If you can support our work, please click here. Thank you.

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