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Dog Removed from Inadequate Housing


The ISPCA National Animal Helpline receives many calls regarding dogs living in unsuitable environments. One such call brought ISPCA Inspector Lisa O'Donovan to a residence in East Cork.

Inspector O'Donovan established that the female cross breed had been introduced to the home as a companion for the children. As found in many similar cases, the novelty of having a dog can sometimes wear off once the dog passes its puppy hood stage. Bella was now confined to the rear garden with no proper facilities in place. Inspector O'Donovan offered advice regarding shelter and the health and welfare of the dog.


On returning to the property for a follow-up check she found that no improvements had been made and, in fact, the conditions had deteriorated. Although Bella was in very good body condition and had a wonderful temperament, she had no shelter from the extremes of weather. The owner agreed to surrender her to the ISPCA for re-homing.

"This is a sight we see too often" remarked Inspector O'Donovan "We are continuously appealing to members of the public to think seriously before bringing a pet into the home. Taking in a pet is a commitment that should not be taking lightly. One should be able to financially and realistically be able to cater for its every need. Bella is a lovely dog and will make a lovely companion for her new owners."


Bella will soon be available for adoption through the ISPCA.

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