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Davy and Jones

ISPCA Inspector Lisa O'Donovan recently secured the surrender of two young colts after investigating a complaint made to the National Animal Helpline.

On arrival at a field in the Cork city suburbs, Inspector O'Donovan found one of the young colts, named “Davy” by rescuers, in difficulty. He was unable to get up and looked in very poor health. With the assistance of a local veterinary surgeon he was assisted to his feet and, on removal of his rug, it was discovered that he was in poor body condition with swelling on his back leg. "He was very weak and dull in himself” said Inspector O'Donovan, “we were extremely concerned for his welfare".

In the same area there were other horses and ponies and, while most were of good health and body condition, there was a second young colt that raised concerns. The condition of this animal, subsequently named “Jones”, was marginally better than that of Davy but, in comparison to the other healthy animals, it gave the ISPCA cause for concern.

With the assistance of the local Gardaí an owner was located and it was established that both colts had come into his care the previous day. Both animals were removed to the ISPCA Victor Dowling Centre.

Whilst Jones is doing very well, the outcome for Davy was not so positive. During the 9 days following his arrival at the centre he was unable to get up without assistance each day. Despite the Veterinary team’s best efforts Davy’s condition deteriorated until, after careful consideration, it was deemed that he was suffering too much. With great reluctance Davy was humanely euthanized.

"It’s a very sad and difficult outcome for the young animal" said Inspector O'Donovan, "the only consolation is that he did not endure any more suffering out in the field where we found him. The care and attention both the centre staff and the veterinary team gave to him was second to none. Unfortunately for him, he succumbed to his illness and injury."

Jones is expected to make a complete recovery and will be available for adoption in the summer time.

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