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Cork property had 24 dogs living in terrible conditions

A property in the East cork region came to the attention of the ISPCA in recent months. Inspector Lisa O'Donovan found 24 dogs living in very poor inadequate conditions. The areas where the dogs were being housed were dirty, without adequate shelter and in most cases the dogs had no fresh drinking water available.



There were a variety of dogs on site, ranging from large dogs to little terriers. All of the dogs were well socialized with good temperaments and most of them were of good body condition. However all of them had a flea infestation and the living conditions were deemed unsuitable.

"It’s difficult to understand why someone would have so many dogs in their care, when they do not have the means to care for them" remarked Inspector O'Donovan. "Some of the dogs had been taken from Dog Pounds and others had been acquired from advertisements. Everyday we come across such situations, well meaning people who believe they are making life better for animals, while clearly they are not. This location does not provide animals with an improved quality of life and, without ISPCA intervention, this would most likely be what their future would consist of. Other dogs were being bred in order to produce puppies that would be sold to supplement the income."


Over a short period of time, the owner surrendered the breeding bitches and majority of the other dogs to the ISPCA. They also complied with instructions on the completion of suitable facilities and provisions for the remaining dogs. The premises and the improvements are now being carefully monitored.

"Persons who are keeping animals, " said Inspector O'Donovan, " should only keep what they are able to facilitate. This should be dictated by the suitability of housing, ability to provide animal husbandry, veterinary treatment especially for such basics as parasite control, and what they can financially afford. Unfortunately there are many similar locations throughout our country".

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