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WE NEED A VERY SPECIAL FOSTER HOME : are you the person that can help us out? Jewel is a tri colour collie who came into our care early in 2015 as a three month old puppy. She has spent almost her entire life living at the shelter except for a short period when she was adopted but returned because she chased cats. While living at the shelter she has never learned how to live with a family.... she can become very attached to one person to the exclusion of everyone else. She has high intellect and uses this to take advantage of people who are not strong willed with her. An effective foster family might teach her how to live with a family... we are looking for someone experienced with dogs who is prepared to give this girl a chance by providing the correct balance of affection and discipline. She needs to learn how to live with other dogs and with a number of people without acting like queen bee and bullying everyone in order to get her own way. She can be extremely affectionate, and she responds very well when reprimanded. Would anyone be prepared to take on this challenge? will take patience and an ability to treat Jewel like a dog rather than a child. Part of the problem is that, because she looks very cute, she has been let get away with doing what she likes. Because of her high intellect she knows well how to take advantage. She loves an agility course, loves toys and loves a paddling pool. If you think you would be able for this challenge and would like to be the person to make Jewel into an adoptable family dog please contact 0871279835 to find out more. We provide all food, bedding, veterinary care, etc.

Jewel is currently in the care of the.. Kildare and West Wicklow S.P.C.A


All cats and dogs from the Kildare & West Wicklow SPCA are fully vaccinated, treated for worms & fleas and neutered (when of age). Dogs from the pound will also be microchipped. We request a rehoming fee of €100 for adult dogs & €75 for pups to partly offset our vet costs. A dog licence must be purchased for any dog originating from the pound'

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