Mobile Phone Recycling

You can help animals by donating your old mobile phones. Don’t dump it…donate it!The ISPCA in partnership with Kavanagh Environmental is looking for your unwanted, used or faulty mobile phones! Simply place your unwanted phones in a recycling bag and put it in the post for free. Please email or call (043) 33 25035 if you would like some mobile phone recycling bags to support this campaign.Mobile phones can take 1,000 years to decompose in a landfill site so by recycling your mobile phone you are doing your bit to reduce pollution. For every phone donated and recycled, Kavanagh Environmental will make a donation of €3.00 to the ISPCA it’s that simple.

Important: Please do not include ISPCA correspondence or money in the mobile phone recycling bags. Thank you.
How to do it:

   1.  Remove your SIM Card
   2.  Do not include charger
   3.  Seel your freepost envelope with phone(s) inside
   4.  place in the post.