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Buttercup Burn

Lovely to look at…. not so lovely for equines with sensitive noses.

Buttercup burn can cause unnecessary suffering 

Buttercups are in full flower at the moment and if present in your horse’s field may pose a risk to their health. The pollen can cause anything from a mild irritation to a major allergic reaction resulting in blistered skin, oozing sores and scabs and swelling of the eyes. Horses, ponies and donkeys can all be affected but is it most common in animals with white or pink muzzles and faces and can also affect white leg markings. Early vigilance and application of a thick soothing cream such as Botanica Healing cream will help to reduce the symptoms and in mild cases prevent it from happening. Sensitive horses should not be turned out in paddocks with a high level of buttercups until the flowers have finished. In the long term good pasture management should be employed to keep buttercups under control.

Please be sure to check your horses, ponies and donkeys daily for any sign of ill health or discomfort. Their wellbeing is in your hands and your prompt action will prevent unnecessary suffering.

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